Wilson Auto Sales LLC
  5369 National Pike   Confluence, Pa. 15424
Office Phone 877-329-8840    Fax 724-329-8800
About Us

First I would like to give you a little back ground about Wilson Auto Sales. And then I going to tell you why you should buy from Wilson Auto Sales. About my Dad Jesse J. Wilson born 1932., Started the hard way in the business he had bought a piece of property in 1955 and built the building him self along with his farther and brothers, He started his used car business by parking one car at a time on the corner of routes 40 and 281 selling 1936 Fords one at a time for $100.00 each. I often think to myself how much money could my Dad have had made on each car at $100.00 each. My Dad had then expanded his business by wholesaling used cars. By buying cars from other dealers all over the Pittsburgh area and reselling them at auto auctions or to other dealers he had become a master at wholesaling used autos because he would know the price of a car within 25 bucks so that made him very unique in the business. I have had the pleasure of working with my Dad the biggest part of my life to whom I admire and love very much. And to this day my Dad at 82 years old who is still buying and selling autos wholesaling and working everyday. So you see he knows the auto business and I have learned so much from him. But I thought why not pass some of his expertise of buying and selling at auto auctions to the other dealers whom just have to add more money to make money . Their are auction fees transportation fess and so on. So I thought why not pass the savings on to the retail buyers instead of just taking everything we buy to the auto auction why not start retailing more. So that’s how I got here. By Richard J.(Rick)Wilson...My Dad Born 06-16-1932 passed away on June 21 2015 shortly after his 83rd birthday.

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